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26 Apr 2022

The right choice of splashback can put the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, lifting your spirits every time that you see it. Of course, they serve a practical function to protect the walls behind the sink and hob from damage, but they can also provide a stylish focal point for the room. Here are some ideas to help you pick the right design.

Play with contrast

If your kitchen is mainly of muted or neutral shades, adding bright bold colours or patterns can provide a pleasing contrast. The pop of colour will draw the eye, creating interest and avoiding a bland dull décor. Check out complementary colours, which means those opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as orange and blue, for the full effect.

Use shapes

There’s no need to stick to regular square tiles. Shape can be a great way to add interest, especially if you are not keen to go down the colour or pattern route. Tiles are now available in hexagonal, fish scale, circular, or diamond shapes, for example. The subway or herringbone look are also popular versatile options.                                                  

You could also explore a more classical look, with mosaic style arabesque tiles or basketweave tiles, which work well for smaller areas such as splashbacks.

Mix up textures

Fashionable glazed tiles look stunning, and add a cool retro vibe to any kitchen. The extra shine can also help to create a feeling of space and light in a small area. Alternatively, chose a contrasting material to the surrounding environment. For example, if your kitchen has a lot of metallic or wood surfaces, choose marble tiles to add depth and interest.

Keep it simple

If you already have a bold kitchen design with focal points to draw the eye, a plain understated splashback may work best. Coordinate colours with the paintwork to create a seamless effect, or go for simple white tiles.

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