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30 Jan 2019

3 Smart Tech Ideas For Your New Bathroom

It’s all about smart technology these days when it comes to creating your dream home and, thanks to the Internet of Things, you can really transform spaces so that they don’t just look beautiful but so that they’re highly functional, in such a way that could make a real difference to the way you live your life.

When it comes to smart technology in the bathroom, there’s a lot you can do and lots of investments you can make that will ensure this part of the house works as hard as it can for you. Here are a few ideas you might want to incorporate into your interior design plans this year.

Smart mirrors

These look set to be big news over the next 12 months or so, so do a bit of research to see what’s available. You can buy products that have sensor lighting activated with a simple wave of your hand, touchless control panels so you can operate LED lights, dimmers and even heating (which will stop the mirror steaming up when you have a bath or shower).

Not only that but you can also find mirrors that give you the morning news, weather alerts and even beauty feedback on how wonderful you look that day!

Musical showers

Who doesn’t love to sing along when they’re giving themselves a good scrub in the shower? You can now buy showerheads that have built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can get rid of your wall-mounted radio and improve the look and feel of your bathroom.

Digital showers

Or what about a shower that comes with LED lights that change colour when the temperature of the water changes? Those of you with young children will find this especially useful, because it reduces the risk of your child scalding themselves.

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