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22 Jun 2021

Tiles are having a trending moment thanks to the ever-changing designs, and these highly decorative materials have stepped out from being simply the background of kitchens and bathrooms, and are being used throughout the home.


Tiling is an ideal way to improve areas such as backsplashes and walls in the kitchen if you’re looking to add value to your home, but the latest trends use tiles to add statement features to modern and traditional homes, adding a final decorative touch to every space in the home.


We have a look at some of the ideas you can use for inspiration for adding tiles to your home.


1. Cottagecore

Cottagecore, the aesthetic that replicated rural living, is here to stay, so use tiles in your designs that are pared-back and neutral, letting the rest of the decor speak for itself, drawing attention to free-standing bathtubs and opulent tap fittings.


2. Tile your fireplace

Make a small statement with patterned tiles behind a wood-burning stove. Proof that you can add a touch of modernity even with a super cosy feature in your home.


3. Cozy and inviting colours

To create a more cosy and inviting space, use warm-toned, earthy palettes. Rosemary green tiles can bring swathes of chilled vibes to a modern space, especially with a beautifully polished finish.


4. Bright green and wild

A wallpapered ceiling can be complemented with a contrasting colour on the wall, such as using lime green tiles in a move that will level up your home decor. Maximise the look by adding shelving and more greenery and eclectic accessories.


5. Nature-inspired pattern

Staying with the green theme, implement the biophilia trend and connect the inside space with the outdoors by using earthy and/or green colours in addition to nature-inspired motifs.


6. Hexagonal is in style

Unexpected shapes can create interest in every room. Warm terracotta hexagonal tiles will work perfectly on the floors of a period home and add timeless personality to a modern home when paired with the right colour scheme.


7. Complementary grout colours

Use grouting creatively to complement the colour of the tiles. Beige grout will make mauve tiles pop, and paired with a light beige tile for the floor in a shower space will give you a sophisticated aesthetic.


8. Mix and match tile designs

Why choose just one tile design, when you could have four? Combining light marble floor tiles with natural stone floor tiles, and white metro tiling will help furnishings stand out.


9. Tiles in every tone of pink

Pink bathrooms are a big deal at the moment, and with the latest trends, it’s one to copy. Use multiple hues of pink against white in vertical straight tiling, and match it to more complementary pink features for a show-stopping look.


10. Have fun with tile trends

Think outside the box and don't be afraid to bend the rules, not just with tile trends.


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